About Us

We connect rural farmers to urban buyers


Bayu’s goal is to connect smallholder farmers from Borneo with buyers from all over the world.

Our platform and the resources we provide to farmers enable their transformation from producers into entrepreneurs.

Agriculture for economic growth

No matter how developed a country is, its people depend on the products of agriculture to survive. And yet, as the average urban income continues to rise, rural farmers are often still sidelined from holistic economic growth.

Many producers in Sabah are stuck at the bottom of the supply chain, selling their produce for low prices in order to survive. They are still dependent on subsidies and middlemen while their livelihoods are at stake.

We believe that as a country develops, the people who form the backbone of that economy should not be left behind.

Our Mission

  • Empower farmers in Sabah to take control of their livelihoods and grow into entrepreneurs. We provide training and resources, as well as access to capital and markets.
  • Share unique produce and agri-based products to eaters all over the world.

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